MaGic Baits Muti’s – Spookasem (Caramel/White Fluoro)


A sweetened flavor with Caramel Concentrate, Natural Honey and White Fluorescein. The origin of the name stems from the white colour of the product that reminded us of the supposed colour of a ghost. The Afrikaans term for ghost is spook and from there we decided to call it Spookasem.

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Well known Combinations with Spookasem:

1) Normal Range:

Spookasem, Gta or Yellow Navigator and Tak or Hlx
Spookasem and Crimson
Spookasem and GeeBee or Tfc or Beast
Spookasem, Smokey and Tfc or GeeBee or Beast
Spookasem, 4×4 or Baas Ben and Tak or Hlx

2) Gem Range:

Diamond en Tigers Eye
Diamond en Zircon
Diamond en Citrine
Diamond en Amber
Diamond en Onyx/Riverstone