MaGic Baits Muti’s – BananaX (Banana)


A sweetened flavor manufactured with a supreme Banana concentrate. Like all our other Magic Bait products, the Banana X Flavor can be used in all conditions and temperatures.


The origin of the name stems from from another word for supreme, which is extreme (utmost, exceptional, ultimate,…). And we use the ‘X’ as an abbreviation for extreme.

Well known Combinations with Banana X :

Banana X, 4×4 and Tak or HLX or Spyker Groen/Red
Banana X and GTA or Vampire or Black Magic or RPA
Banana X and DCX or Spookasem and Scarlet
Banana and VRM or Crimson or Vaalking or Grobbies or Monster Carp
Banana X and Warrior or Brush or FBI or Jessica