MaGic Baits Sprays – FBI (Special, Strong)


A sweetened flavor with Wintergreen Concentrate as the main ingredient. Wintergreen is a minty flavor. The minty flavor comes from the chemical methyl salicylate, produced by the aromatic plants of the heath family (Ericaceae).

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Well known Combinations with Fbi :

1) Normal Range:

Fbi, Yellow Navigator Spray and Baas Ben or 4×4 or Island Spray or Traction or Foxtrot
Fbi and Vaalking or Just Black
Fbi and Banana X or Rpa
Fbi, Dcx or Carma or Spookasem or Swiss and Warrior
Fbi, Gta or Yellow Navigator spray or Liquid Gold/Silver or Bronze and Dcx or Carma or Spookasem or Swiss