MaGic Baits Muti’s – Weerlig (Honey & TCP)


When you break down the Weerlig flavor, it comes down to a sweetened flavor with a combination of Honey and Tcp Concentrates. The origin of the name stems from the angler, Vissie Visser, that originally gave us the idea to combine the Honey and Tcp Concentrate. Due to the fact that the ideas was Vissie’s, we allowed him to name the product.

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Suggested combinations with the Weerlig flavor.

Weerlig, Smokey and Tfc or GeeBee or Beast
Weerlig, Banana X and Gta or Yellow Navigator Spray or Liquid Gold
Weerlig, Traction or Foxtrot and Tfc or GeeBee or Beast
Weerlig and Dcx or Spookasem
Weerlig and Fbi or Tornado