MaGic Baits Muti’s – Weed (Shrimp)


A sweetened flavor with Concentrated Shrimp Oil Concentrate. The origin of the name stems from the green colour of this product.

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Well known Combinations with Weed:

1) Normal Range:

Weed and Banana X or Twinkie or Rpa
Weed, Dcx or Spookasem or Swiss and Tak or Hlx
Weed and Vaalking or Just Black or Crimson
Weed and Scarlet
Weed, Banana X and Foxtrot or Traction

2) Gem Range:

Emerald en Zircon
Emerald en Riverstone/Onyx
Emerald en Diamond
Emerald en Red Jasper
Emerald en Rubine