MaGic Baits Muti’s – GeeBee (Cinnamon & Bunspice)


A sweetened flavor with a combination of a Cinnamon Oil concentrate and a Bunspice Oil concentrate. The origin of the name was in an error at the printers. We orginally decided to call the product CeeBee (Cinnamon and Bunspice) but when we received the proofs from the printers, they made an error by printing GeeBee on the proof and not CeeBee. We decided it was destined and we kept the GeeBee spelling.

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Well known Combinations with GeeBee:

1) Normal Range:

GeeBee, Smokey and Traction or Foxtrot
GeeBee and Dcx or Spookasem or Scarlet or Swiss or Carma
GeeBee, Hlx or Tak and Vaalking or Just Black
GeeBee and 4×4 or Baas Ben or Island Spray
GeeBee, Banana X or Twinkie or Rpa and Gta or Yellow Navigator