MaGic Baits Muti’s – FBI (Special, Strong)


A sweetened flavor with Wintergreen Concentrate as the main ingredient. Wintergreen is a minty flavor. The minty flavor comes from the chemical methyl salicylate, produced by the aromatic plants of the heath family (Ericaceae). The origin of the name comes from the specific brand name of the Wintergreen that we use, namely Special. The name Special brought up the idea of Special Agents, which in turn lead us to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And therefore we decided on the abbreviation FBI.

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Well known Combinations with Fbi :

1) Normal Range:

Fbi, Yellow Navigator Spray and Baas Ben or 4×4 or Island Spray or Traction or Foxtrot
Fbi and Vaalking or Just Black
Fbi and Banana X or Rpa
Fbi, Dcx or Carma or Spookasem or Swiss and Warrior
Fbi, Gta or Yellow Navigator spray or Liquid Gold/Silver or Bronze and Dcx or Carma or Spookasem or Swiss