MaGic Baits Boldips – Crimson (Strawberry)


A sweetened mix of different Strawberry concentrates. Like all our other Magic Bait products, the Crimson Flavor can be used in all conditions and temperatures.

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Well known Combinations with Crimson:

1) Normal Range:

Crimson, Rhone and Tak or Hlx
Crimson and Dcx or Spookasem or Carma
Crimson and Banana X, Twinkie or Rpa
Crimson and Vaalking or Just Black
Crimson and Smokey

2) Gem Range:

Rubine en Spookasem (Muddies is mal hieroor)
Rubine en Garnet
Rubine en Red Coral
Rubine en Citrine
Rubine en Pearl