MaGic Baits Boldips – Banana X (Banana)


A sweetened flavor manufactured with a supreme Banana concentrate. Like all our other Magic Bait products, the Banana X Flavor can be used in all conditions and temperatures.

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Well known Combinations with Banana X :

1) Normal Range:

Banana X, 4×4 and Tak or Hlx or Spyker Groen/Red
Banana X and Gta or Vampire or Black Magic or Rpa
Banana X and Dcx or Spookasem and Scarlet
Banana and Vrm or Crimson or Vaalking or Grobbies or Monster Carp
Banana X and Warrior or Brush or Fbi or Jessica

2) Gem Range:

Citrine, Amber en Zircon
Citrine, Amber en Riverstone
Citrine en Diamond
Citrine en Jasper
Citrine en Red Coral